Wyeast - Ale

Wyeast - Ale

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With the attendant high rates of fermentation, these yeasts are near the top of the tree & if handled with care will reward the user with great results.

The use within 6 months of manufacture helps maintain optimal performance.

Due to the extended periods of refrigeration we recommend the exercise of patience when using these yeasts.

Plan your brew so that the yeast packs are started & swollen ahead of the pitching time.

Keep your wort in a sanitised sealed container so that in the event of a slow ferment you do have time on your side.

Bear in mind however, the Activators can be direct pitched should your brewing have time lines.

Activator Packs contain a minimum of 100 billion cells in a yeast slurry & is designed to directly inoculate 5 gallons of standard strength ale wort (1.034-1.060 SG) with professional pitching rates.

For lagers, we recommend inoculating the wort at warm temperatures (20-21°C), waiting for signs of fermentation, and then adjusting to the desired temperature.

Alternatively, for pitching into cold conditions (1-14°C) or higher gravity wort, we recommend increasing this pitching rate.

This can be achieved by pitching additional Activator packages or by making a starter culture.

Due to the occasional unpredictable nature of these yeasts, the maintenance of the wort in totally pre-sanitised conditions & retention of a residual dehydrated yeast as a fail-safe is recommended.

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