Wyeast - Belgian Ale

Wyeast - Belgian Ale

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Activator Packs contain a minimum of 100 billion cells in a yeast slurry.

The Activator is designed to directly inoculate 5 gallons of standard strength ale wort (1.034-1.060 SG) with professional pitching rates.

For lagers, we recommend inoculating the wort at warm temperatures (20-21°C), waiting for signs of fermentation, and then adjusting to the desired temperature.

Alternatively, for pitching into cold conditions (1-14°C) or higher gravity wort, we recommend increasing this pitching rate.

This can be achieved by pitching additional Activator packages or by making a starter culture.

Due to the occasional unpredictable nature of these yeasts, the maintenance of the wort in totally pre-sanitised conditions & retention of a residual dehydrated yeast as a fail-safe is recommended.

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