Classic Liquor kits

Classic Liquor kits

Make the best liqueurs that you have ever tasted!

Be creative & make your own delicious home-made liqueurs that are unrivalled for the richness of their flavour.

Using usually difficult to obtain & expensive essences, the producers of these kits have created liqueur kits to rival chic imports.

With just water, sugar and one of these kits you too can produce a gallon (6 x 75cl bottles) of the most delicious liqueurs at an ABV of approx. 20% in about 3 weeks at a fraction of the ready made cost.

Key elements:

1. Robust rapid fermentation resulting in the complete conversion of sugars into alcohol.

2. pH control for better fermentation & quality.

3. Develops an approximate fruity 20% base which blends well with all types of flavours.

4. The glucose solids provided with the kit impart a smooth finish.

5. Top quality flavours in generous quantities provide great depth.

Tip: when fermenting keep the temperature at the bottom end of the scale to assist their subsequent clarity.

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