Wyeast - Lager

Wyeast - Lager

Propagator Packs each contain at inception around 25 billion cells of pure yeast and a smaller inner sachet of yeast nutrient.

In order to activate the yeast the inner sachet must be ruptured and the yeast thoroughly mixed with the nutrient by kneading the pouch.

When left in a warm place the yeast will grow and the pouch will expand.

This can take anywhere between two and ten days.

The pouch can then be opened and the yeast pitched.

Activator Packs contain at inception a minimum of 100 billion cells in a yeast slurry.

The Activator is designed to directly inoculate 5 gallons of standard strength ale wort (1.034-1.060 SG) with good pitching rates.

For lagers, we recommend inoculating the wort at warm temperatures (20-21°C), waiting for signs of fermentation, and then adjusting to the desired temperature.

Alternatively, for pitching into cold conditions (1-14°C) or higher gravity wort, we recommend increasing this pitching rate.

This can be achieved by pitching additional Activator packages or by making a starter culture.

Due to the occasional unpredictable nature of these yeasts, the maintenance of the wort in totally pre-sanitised conditions & retention of a residual dehydrated yeast as a fail-safe is recommended.

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