Session Bitter - 5L Small Batch All Grain Kit | Easy-Drinking Brew

Session Bitter - 5L All Grain Beer Kit

This ingredient pack has been designed for beginner home brewers who have an interest in doing All Grain brewing on a smaller scale.

In this kit you will receive all the relevant hops, malt and yeast alongside a comprehensive guide/instructions of how to brew using a couple of household kitchen items as well as a couple of specialist items if you so decide. 

Session bitters were designed to be highly drinkable with low ABV to slake the workers’ thirst. The Cara Malt adds body and also some fruit notes to the session beer recipe which is well supported by using a characterful British Ale yeast.

Volume: 5L ABV: 3.6% EBC: 16 IBU: 20

Range Information

These "Mash kits" have been crafted and designed in partnership by Brupaks and Crisp Maltings.

Master Brewer at one of the UK’s largest maltings, Crisp, Carl Heron has put together a selection of fantastic recipes for your enjoyment.


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