Peco Electrim Mashing Bin & Boiler

This item has a capacity of 32L & is best used either as an Hot Liquor Tun or part of a BIAB system.

The electric mashing bin & boiler is fitted with a thermostatic control that makes it ideal for stepped temperature mashing & subsequently a full rolling boil.

Note, the thermostat being of the dial type may not be accurate but will hold temperatures.

This means that if a certain temperature is required, the dial might not reflect this but with the use of an auxiliary thermometer the desired temperature can be marked on the scale & will be maintained via the bi-metal strip.

The element is rated at 2KW and it will bring 5 gallons of cold water to the boil in about 1hr 20 minutes or approximately 30 minutes from mashing temperature.

It will act act as mash tun & a boiler & comes with a stat & tap.

We recommend purchasing a Mashing & Sparging bag as well to prevent the grain from accumulating around element during the mashing process.

If using the BIAB method, then a separate hot water source will be needed to sparge.

After mashing run the liquor off via the tap & sparge to rinse the grains of those fermentable sugars.

Thereafter we recommend fitting a hop strainer, re-introduce the liquor to the boiler & add hops as required for boiling or boil using the hop boiling bags.

In addition Irish Moss may be added to the boil for subsequent clarity.

After the boil run the hot liquor off into another vessel & cool it as quickly as possible & for this we recommend the Wort Chiller.

Once the temperature has been reduced to the correct level, add the yeast of your choice & let the fermentation begin - the beer is on it's way!

There is also alternative digital thermostatic controlled bin available - see separate item within this section.

Note, it is recommended that all boiler elements are cleaned after each boil in order to prevent hard water deposits attaching thereto &/or collection of maltose, affecting the future performance of the element & thermostat.

Dimensions: 32cms diameter, 43cms height.


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