Beaverdale Vieux Chateau Du Roi 5 Gallon

Our version of the famous Chateau Neuf.

Full bodied, yet soft & quick to mature.

A fine oak aroma makes this an ideal accompaniment to hearty red meat dishes.

Optional oak chippings included.

Absolutely beautiful.

The 1 gallon (6 bottle) kit contains 1.5 litres of juice, whilst the 5 gallon (30 bottle) kit contains 7.5 litres.

Both are complete kits.

The yeast, bentonite, stabiliser, oak chips (the use of which is optional) and finings are all included and no additional sugar is needed.

Range Information

Make great wines from genuine varietal grape juices.

A popular range of wine kits which are used with great success by both novices and experienced wine makers.

These are available in 1 & 5 gallon sizes (6 or 30 bottles) & make great wine.

Based on the instructions, the Reds in this range take about 4 weeks to ferment through.

For those who prefer greater body or depth to their wines, consider reducing the amount of water added or substituting grape concentrate as elsewhere on the Website.


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