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Fresh U.K. Yeast Cultures

Fresh U.K. Yeast Cultures

Amongst the best fresh yeasts available.

These fresh U.K. yeast cultures are supplied on agar slopes to preserve their viability and consistency.

Although fewer cells than those supplied by Wyeast & White Labs, they ferment rapidly reflecting the strain characteristics.

They are top quality strains, produced in lab conditions, and are used widely by commercial brewers.

These strains are rigorously purified and characterised.
Each slope is guaranteed free from contaminating bacteria and wild yeasts.

Stable for up to 6 months if kept in a refrigerator below 4°C, they will be harmed by freezing, and will deteriorate within one month if kept at room temperature.

It is very important that these cultures are grown on in a simple malt extract solution and are seen to be working well before pitching to this end atleast 48 hours is recommended.
Therefore make a 300 ml starter solution with 3 table-spoonful of malt extract in pre-boiled water in a clean sterilised flask of atleast 500 ml in size.
When cooled pour some of the solution onto the slope & shake the yeast culture to loosen the yeast cells & return it to the starter.
Cover the flask with a bung or aluminium foil or cotton-wool to incubate.


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