Bulldog Master Brewer - Stainless Steel Brewing System & Digital Controller

The Bulldog Master-Brewer - Stainless Steel Brewing System & Digital Controller

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This is the brand new model of the Bulldog Brewing System

A very affordable simple to use stainless steel all grain brewing set-up, which has been upgraded from its predecessor with a better pump & multi-step display unit.

You'll need a supply of preheated water for sparging/rinsing, which you can link to via the previous Bdog brewing system or the Bdog Sparge heater.

For the price, the Bdog Master-Brewer continues to be a good all-in-one grain system for AG brewers.

It'll simplify AG brewing whilst keeping it reasonably affordable.

Needless to say, we're happy to help you get to grips with any part of the process that you need clarified - by email or in person at the store - here to support.

Find a recipe & start with some crushed grain, mash, sparge & boil then cool all in the one quality stainless steel unit.

Finally, transfer to a fermenter, add yeast to transform to any beer type you like.

Brew the recipes you want &/or get experimenting!

With a sleek finish, and quality build this brewing unit will fit comfortably in your home due to its compact size and small footprint.

The pump is more robust that it's predecessor, the display unit has also been upgraded & the switches have waterproof covers.

The Bdog Master Brewer features - powerful 2.2kW elements, multi-step digital temperature control, mains voltage re-circ pump, coil chiller(requires tubing), some silicone tubing & the generous 30L size allowing higher ABV brews.

Key Features

Digital Control Box / Temperature control

The Bdog Master Brewer comes with advanced automatic time and temperature control.

Simply set your mashing temperature and rest time for up to 9 steps on the display, then let the Brewer to sort out the mashing for the steps while the pump slowly circulates the wort.

It will turn itself off after the rest time, so no problem if you happen to forget it.


Stainless Steel Inner and Outer Casks

After mashing, it is time for lautering (draining the malt bed).

Just lift up the inner malt basket (the inner bucket with straining bottom plate) and fix it in the top position on the Brewer and let the wort drain into the body of the Brewer.

You can program this in as a separate step, so you can continue the automatic program once you have handled the lautering manually.


Magnetic Drive Pump

Pre-heat enough water (according to your recipe) to rinse out the last goodies from the malt, by slowly pouring it over the malt bed, still with malt pipe in top position.

Alternatively the Bdog Sparger, and previous Bdog Brewer uses the pump from the Master Brewer so you don't need to place it higher than the Brewer.

This is of course also a step in your full program, so the Master Brewer will tell you when to start this and when to stop.


Remove the malt basket and add your hop strainer / boiling bag & hops the Master Brewer will then beep to tell you when to do something.

Be careful during the boil, remember boiling wort it is very hot.


Stainless Steel Spiral Wort Chiller with Hooks

Finally, quick-connect up the spiral wort chiller to your cold water tap (tubing not supplied - see below) to rapidly cool your wort down to fermentation temperature, transfer to fermenter, pitch the yeast and that's it.

One feature is that the Master Brewer handles negative steps as well, so if you create a last step "transfer to fermenter when cool enough", then the brewer will automatically monitor temperatures for you during cooling and let you know when you have reached your target temperature.

Technical Specifications

• 304 grade stainless steel construction

• Double wall stainless boiler - minimises heat loss!

• Hardened glass lid so you can see what is happening

• Heavy duty handles for safe lifting

• Stainless steel ball valve outlet

• Stainless steel Bazooka filter

• Heavy duty magnetic drive pump

• Full size malt basket for large grain bills (9 kgs max)

• Detachable step mashing controller (9 steps)

• Stainless steel malt basket with heavy duty fine bottom mesh

• Concealed electric elements for easy cleaning

• Precise electronic temperature control via display, +/- 1°C

• Capacity (brewer) 30L (malt basket) 26L, finished beer 25L

• 2.2kW heating elements, power settings adjusted via display

• Full independent control of power, temperature and time for all steps

• Stainless steel spiral wort chiller with fittings for tap

• Temperature monitoring with display during cooling

• Automatic overtemp cutout and overheat protection for max safety


1. Use 15amp rated sockets.

2. After using the Bdog Brewer and after each brew run clear water through the pump.

Instructions may be found: here

When re-circulating the wort or sparging it is highly recommended that the wort or liquor feed is placed over the plate and not directly into the central pipe.

Manufacturers 12 months warranty - operating temperatures - 10-38C

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