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BruBox - Beers of the World

BruBox - Beers of the World

World beers close to hand.
These sixteen beer kits cover the world's major beer styles and some of the minor ones too!
What they don't have in quantity they more than make up for in quality.
Ideal for bottling or the smaller 2 gallon barrel.
No additional sugar necessary, just brew away:

Hi there,

Just thought I'd contact you to say a great big thank you!!!
I decided to play safe and not go for the dry kits but for your Beers of The World kits.
I tried 2 - the London Bitter and the Black Country Mild.

These are by far the best kits I've ever made after 5 yrs of home brewing. Usually I get a yeasty taste and I can tell it's my own stuff - but with these two They honestly taste as good (if not better ) than stuff I've paid £2 a bottle for!

I bottled the mild and was worried as you suggest putting it in a barrel but it's brilliant stuff with nowt wrong with it in bottled form!!
I was considering going all grain but after these kits is it really worth the bother??

Thanks once again,

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