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Bulldog Micro Brewery Bitter

A Bulldog Micro Brewery contains all the basic equipment, including the beer kit itself (you will need to add in a Kg of brewing sugar - see below), to brew 23 litres (40 pints) of real beer.

Each Brewery contains:-

23 litre beer kit

Sachet of varietal brewers yeast

32 litre fermenter with lid, an airlock and bung

Sachet of steriliser

Beer / wine hydrometer

LCD thermometer

Extendable syphon and

Full instructions.

Contains all you need to brew 23L of beer. Just add sugar and water. Note: bottles or a barrel are not included.

The equipment can be reused to produce further batches.

You will just need to get another beer kit, brewing sugar and some steriliser.

The brewing team at the Hop Shop will be on hand to provide any help you may need to produce your first 40 pints.

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