Erlenmeyer Flask 250ml

Erlenmeyer Flask - 250ml

Conical Flask - 250ml

A conical flask, also known as an Erlenmeyer flask, is laboratory glassware that is used for mixing, heating, and storing liquids.

The tapered shape allows for easy swirling and mixing of liquids, while the flat base provides stability and prevents tipping.

This conical flask is made from borosilicate glass, which is resistant to thermal shock and chemical corrosion.

Graduated at 50ml intervals from 100ml up to 250ml.

  • Mouth: 29mm
  • Width: 87mm
  • Height: 87mm
  • Length: 139mm

Safety notes

  • When heated the flask should be on a fireproof sheet with no liquid on the exterior.
  • Heat should be applied gradually.
  • Heat should be applied for a maximum time of 2 hours.

Please note: The glassware provided is designed to be heat-resistant, allowing for safe heating.

However, it is important to avoid subjecting it to sudden temperature changes, as it may not withstand such shocks.


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