British Lager Malt

Lager Malt is kilned at a low temperature to ensure that the malt, and hence the lager, is a pale colour and also to preserve a high level of diastatic activity.

On the continent the use of inferior quality 6 row barley meant that the lager malt produced was traditionally undermodified and this necessitated the use of the stepped or decoction mash to produce clear haze free beer.

Modern lager malts are now fully modified, and a straight infusion mash can be used safely.

The high diastatic activity remains, which means that there are adequate enzymes in the malt to allow the use of a good proportion of unmalted grains in the mash.

Our British Lager Malt, comes from a number of base varieties providing an EBC range of 2.5 - 4.5.

Try taking it whole & crushing it yourself for maximum efficiency of extract & contribution.

United Kingdom

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