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Deluxe Mash Tun - superior

Deluxe Mash Tun - superior

This well insulated 45 litre Mash Tun holds up to 15kg of grain.

It is fitted with a domed stainless steel false bottom which is connected to the steel ball valve tap with a screw in barbed end which means that this can be used for both mashing and sparging.

Recessed lifting handles are moulded into the blue lower section whilst swing lever handles are fitted higher up.

It's dimensions vary & usually are approximately 48cm deep including the tap, 44cm wide and 44cm tall.

When doughing in be careful when stirring not to dislodge the straining machanism - the connections & tubing.

To obtain the best results preheat the tun with hot water to well above strike temperature with the lid on.

Make the initial mash temperature 5C above normal prior to adding the grist then seal the tun for the entire mash length unchecked.

In common with most other insulated tuns this will loose a little efficiency in mid-winter.

It is always advisable to further insulate through wrapping with a blanket or old duvet in any case.

The superior false bottom emulates the microbrewing industry standard mashing procedure supplying consistent runnings.

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