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All Grain Feb 12, 2017

The AG systems available now makes brewing from scratch enamently possible.
The equipment is robust, well designed & great value for money.
The ability to craft AG beer without resorting to the kitchen stove & with slick controls means that in a time of about 4 hours you can be fermenting.
Contact us for further info/advice.
Pleasure to assist.

Carbon Granules Jul 25, 2016

Activated Carbon Granules now back in.
Clear, clean, purify your product via a carbon bed.

Corks Jun 10, 2016

When choosing the corks, determine the time of keeping the wine.
The longer the length, the better the quality of corks.
For a little extra, the best corks provide the best seals.
These are grade 1, minimal porosity, maximum robustness:

Champagne Jun 07, 2016

One of the easiest & consistently most successful seasonal British wines is Elderflower Champagne.
A sparkling white with the effervescence of the elder bloom & the heady mix of cool alcohol & summer.
Choose the recipe & follow the instructions.
Great wine.

Father's Jun 06, 2016

The ultimo:

Elderflower Jun 06, 2016

Sun is out, the time has come:

Father's Jun 05, 2016

Great gift, beautiful wine, lasting taste.

Father's Jun 04, 2016

Reel in the best

Euros Jun 03, 2016

Celebrate with a cool lager:

Mini Keg May 21, 2016

The privilege of having beer cold & carbonated has enduring allure.

With the keg holding 12L it easily fits into a fridge & with the built in S30 valve is a doddle to carbonate.

Throw in a click on tap & you are in business.

Cool beer carbonated beer, each time all the time.


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