Maris Otter Malt (Pale Malt) Crushed 25kg

British Maris Otter (MO) is a 2 row winter barley.

Try taking it whole & crushing it yourself for maximum efficiency of extract & contribution.

Pale Malt (MO) is the main ingredient of many English Pale Ales and Bitters, but a high proportion is used in the production of most other English beer styles.

It is fully modified and has been kilned at a low temperature for a long period to reduce its moisture content to about 3%.

Pale malt has good diastatic activity, and so it can be used to assist in the conversion of a certain amount of non-diastatic grist.

Several varieties of barley are used with MO, but traditionally it is the most highly prized as it is a very forgiving variety, providing a good flavour and extract.

MO was bred by Dr G.D.H.Bell in the 1950's at Cambridge by crossing the then established malting barley variety Proctor with another variety Pioneer.

United Kingdom

Colour: Currently 3-7 EBC Maximum Percentage 100%


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