Selection - LE18 - Californian - Black Cab

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One of five different limited edition wine kits available, this 16L kit from the Lodi region in California this true gem is an intriguing blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Gamay Noir varietal grapes.

Gamay is a light-bodied red wine revered for its floral aromas and earthiness, with tart red berry and lively acidity.

Cabernet Sauvignon is a full-bodied red loaded with black fruits, cherry, black pepper and hints of earth.

Limited by the limited supply of the particular varietal juice.

16L of grape concentrate.

ABV 12.5% Approx.

Sweetness: Dry

Body: Medium

Oak: Medium

Ready in 8 weeks.

Range Information

Every year this premium producer adds temporarily to its range some Limited Editions to reflect current trends or special varietals that they have trialled with substantial success.

These then feature a limited number of outstanding unique varieties from around the world that are released annually from March through June.

These special wines are only available during their month of release and are immensely popular, so pre-ordering is strongly advised.

All the wines in this range make 22.5 litres (30 bottles).

All these kits will produce an excellent wine of commercial quality, perfect for special occasions.

For more information on this kit check out this video.


LE18 Black Cab

LE18 Black Cab

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