Hallertauer Mittelfruh Hop

Hallertauer Mittelfruh Hops 100g

Hallertauer Mittelfruh: The Kaiser of German Hops

Experience the crisp, clean characteristics of Hallertauer Mittelfruh Hops, a traditional German hop variety renowned for its mild bittering potential and elegant aroma. Perfect for pilsners and esteemed in all traditional German styles, this hop brings a classic noble aroma that is truly unparalleled.

Hallertauer Mittelfruh Hop Flavour

The distinctiveness of Hallertauer Mittelfruh lies in its unique flavour profile. Although it possesses a mild bittering potential, it's the hop's signature flavour and aroma that make it stand out. The crisp, clean qualities of Hallertauer Mittelfruh contribute to a fine, elegant aroma and flavour. This gentle bitterness and captivating aroma blend offer a hint of floral and spicy notes, making it an irreplaceable component in many brews.

Hallertauer Mittelfruh Hop Profile

  • Origin: Germany
  • Alpha Acid: 3.0-5.0%
  • Beta Acid: 3.5-4.5%
  • Characteristics: Spicy, Floral
  • Substitute: Liberty, Hallertauer Hersbrucker

Hallertauer Mittelfruh Substitute

If you're considering a substitute for Hallertauer Mittelfruh, Liberty or Hallertauer Hersbrucker can serve as excellent alternatives. Both hops share similarities with Hallertauer Mittelfruh, yet they'll introduce their unique characteristics to your brew.

Pairing Hallertauer Mittelfruh Hops

When paired with other hops like Hallertauer Hersbrucker, Tettnang, or Northern Brewer, Hallertauer Mittelfruh contributes to a complex and delightful blend in your brew, enhancing the overall character and depth of the beverage.

Beer Styles Using Hallertauer Mittelfruh Hops

Hallertauer Mittelfruh Hops are ideal for an array of beer styles, including Altbier, Belgian Ale, Pilsner, Bock, Lager, Wheat, and Cask Ale. Despite the style, the contribution of Hallertauer Mittelfruh's floral and spicy profile remains an irreplaceable component, imparting a unique charm to the brew.

Remember, brewing is an art, and every brewer brings their unique touch. Therefore, you might find Hallertauer Mittelfruh Hops in a variety of beer styles. The key is to experiment and discover what pleases your palate. Embrace the journey of brewing!


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