Grainfather - Homebrewing Systems & Accessories

Grainfather has revolutionized home brewing over the years by developing intuitive systems that allow homebrewers to produce consistent and high-quality beer in the comfort of their own homes.

They have drawn inspiration from craft breweries and applied their design and engineering expertise to create award-winning brewing systems.

Grainfather's intuitive and high-quality homebrewing systems & accessories have made homebrewing accessible and enjoyable for beer lovers worldwide.

Grainfather G30

One of their popular products is the G30 brewing system, which has a capacity of 30L and is capable of producing up to 23L of beer in one brew.

It is perfect for homebrewing enthusiasts who want to take their homebrew to the next level using all-grain ingredients.

Grainfather G70

For the avid brewer looking to make more beer or produce pilot batches for their microbrewery, Grainfather offers the G70 - with a 70L capacity, it can create 58L batches of beer at a time.

Grainfather GF30

To aid the fermentation process, Grainfather also offers the GF30 stainless steel conical fermenter, which can hold up to 28L of wort.

It comes with a digital temperature controller with built-in wireless control, enabling homebrewers to accurately control the fermentation temperature.

Grainfather GC4 

For the homebrewer looking to take their fermentation process to the next level, Grainfather offers the GC4 glycol chiller.

It allows homebrewers to power and control the temperature of up to four GF30 fermenters, each with different temperatures and their own fermenting schedules.

By precisely controlling the temperature of fermentation, homebrewers can produce consistent beers every time.