Located in the charming town of Plymouth, Devon, The Hop Shop stands as a testament to the enduring passion for homebrewing.

For nearly half a century, our store has been a vital part of the brewing community, offering a personal touch in an increasingly digital world.

Our Legacy and Dedication

Founded with a deep commitment to quality and service, The Hop Shop has evolved from a local store into a renowned name in the UK's homebrewing scene.

Our journey is one of passion, expertise, and an unwavering dedication to our customers and the art of brewing.

For Every Brewer - Beginner to Expert

Our shelves are thoughtfully curated to cater to brewers of all levels.

From the novice taking their first step with our simple malt extract beer kits to the seasoned brewer seeking high-quality ingredients like hops, malt, yeast, and sugars, we've got everything you need to create your perfect brew.

A Personal Approach in a Digital Era

In a landscape where homebrew shops are fading, replaced by impersonal online stores, we pride ourselves on our face-to-face interactions and individualized support.

We believe in building relationships, understanding each brewer's unique journey, and offering tailored advice.

More Than a Shop - A Brewing Partner

At The Hop Shop, we see ourselves as more than just a retailer.

We are your brewing partner, mentor, and friend.

Our team, with their extensive knowledge and friendly demeanour, is always ready to assist, educate, and inspire every customer who walks through our door.

Join Our Community

We invite you to visit The Hop Shop, not just as a customer, but as a member of our brewing family.

Here, you'll find a community that cherishes the personal touch, values shared knowledge, and celebrates each step of your brewing adventure.