About the Hop Shop

The homebrew Hopshop was founded nearly 50 years ago in July 1973 & is one of the first homebrew shops in the U.K..

It has been privileged to supply home brewers, commercial brewers & distillers in the UK & abroad ever since.

So if you are looking for a homebrew shop with a caring difference or looking for anything from an alcohol meter through to a homebrew starter kit – we’re here to assist.

Our aim: 'Service First'.

If you have the time & water, we have the equipment & ingredients.

Make great beers, wines, ciders, liqueurs & higher alcohol drinks from scratch.

We’re passionate about all aspects of home brewing, this science based craft produces amazing liquid cuisine! 

Save money & develop an absorbing skill which will contribute toward overall contentment.

In moderation alcohol arguably has benefits & promotes general well being.

We are well stocked with an extreme range of goods so it’s always a pleasure to assist in the fulfilment of requirements.

Whether you are a complete novice or a dedicated enthusiast please enjoy the warm welcome here.

We are particularly pleased to receive feedback, it also keeps us grounded.

Feel free to call in person or we’ll ship - Worldwide.