Festival Beer Kits

Festival Beer Kits: Craft Your Favourite Ales at Home

Festival Beer Kits: Craft Your Favourite Ales at Home

Festival beer kits have emerged as a top choice for creating premium quality craft beer in the comfort of your own home.

These kits offer a convenient and reliable way to craft delicious beers that rival those found in breweries.

Each kit comes with step-by-step instructions, making the brewing process accessible to both novices and experienced brewers alike.

Inside you will find liquid malt extract, hop pellets, and genuine brewer's yeast strains ensuring a rich brewing experience.

It's the hop pellets that truly set these kits apart from others, enhancing both the flavour and aroma to deliver a delicious end product.

Festival Premium Ale Kits: A Celebration of Britain’s Brewing Heritage

The Festival Premium Ale Kits are specially curated to bring the authentic taste of the UK's most iconic ales into your home.

Each kit is a tribute to the traditional and beloved ales of the UK, offering everything you need to brew rich, flavourful beers.

  • Father Hooks Bitter: Best Bitter style beer with balanced hop bitterness, a big malty body and delightful orange marmalade character. ABV: 4.5%.
  • Landlords Finest Bitter: Classic English pale with biscuit malt flavours, subtle fruit character, and earthy undertones. ABV: 4.3%.
  • Old Suffolk Strong Ale: Rich and complex dark brown ale with cedarwood notes, balanced sweetness, and a dry finish ABV: 5.3%.
  • Pilgrims Hope Bitter: A strong and malty mahogany bitter with hints of tropical fruit and pine needle flavours. ABV: 5.0%.
  • Pride of London Porter: Traditional dark and velvety London-style porter with roasted malt, chocolate, and coffee notes. ABV: 5.2%.
  • Razorback India Pale Ale: Delicious pale-straw coloured IPA bursting with a big hop character, followed by a dry bitter finish. ABV: 5.7%.
  • Golden Stag Ale: A crisp golden ale with a white head, bursting with tropical fruit flavours like mango and passion fruit. ABV: 4.5%.
  • Summer Glory: Light copper-coloured ale infused with elderflowers to provide vibrant floral notes and citrus overtones. ABV: 5.0%.

Brew the World: Discover International Beers with Festival World Beer Kits

Festival World Beer Kits are your passport to discovering the vast world of beer styles from the comfort of your home.

These homebrew kits bring international brewing traditions into your hands to capture the essence of each unique beer style.

  • Belgian Dubbel: Rich, dark Belgian-style ale with fruitcake, plum, and clove flavours. ABV: 7.2%.
  • Belgian Pale Ale: Classic Belgian-style pale ale, rich malty sweetness with spicy yeast character of cloves & bananas. ABV: 5.5%.
  • New Zealand Pilsner: Refreshing golden pilsner lager with a strong aroma of passion fruit, spicy lime, and hints of melon. ABV: 5.0%.
  • US Steam Beer: West Coast American Steam Beer, featuring toffee and caramel flavours with herbal hop notes. ABV: 5.0%
  • Vienna Red Lager: A Light copper-coloured lager with a cedarwood finish, sweet herb hints, and fruity peach-like character notes. ABV: 5.0%.
  • German Weiss: A Witbier style beer with a smooth, full-bodied texture, boasting a bubble gum flavour and clove-like aftertaste, ABV: 4.8%.
  • American IPA: Traditional American IPA with a bold infusion of citrus and tropical fruits, complemented by earthy and floral hop notes. ABV: 5.6%.

Festival Limited Edition Beer Kits: Exclusive Brews for the Season

For those in search of something truly special, Festival Limited Edition Beer Kits offer seasonal brews that capture the essence of various times of year.

These exclusive beer kits provide distinct flavours and character, perfect for brewers looking to explore unique and timely craft beer creations.

Essential Homebrewing Equipment

Before you start brewing with Festival Beer Kits, ensure you have the following essential tools ready to transform your kitchen into a brewery.

Start Brewing Your Masterpiece Today

Festival Beer Kits cater to all tastes and brewing ambitions, from traditional British ales to exotic international styles, and even unique seasonal offerings.

Choose your favourite, Festival Beer Kit, gather your brewing equipment, and get drinking.

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