Grape Concentrate

Grape Juice Concentrate - Enhance Flavour & Body in Homemade Wine

Grape Juice for Wine Making

For both seasoned and budding winemakers, our selection of Grape Juice Concentrate offers a versatile and flavourful foundation.

Enhance your wine kits or create delightful country style wines from scratch with these high-quality grape concentrates.

Grape juice concentrate is a great solution if you find yourself short from your yield from the natural fruit to top up the demijohn.

The Benefits of Using Grape Concentrate:

  • Rich Flavour Profiles: Grape juice concentrate offers a natural way to enhance the flavour and colour of your wines.
  • Adjust to Your Preference: Modify sweetness levels and bring balance to your creations.
  • Boost the Body: Whether you're crafting a light, airy wine or a rich, full-bodied variety, grape concentrate can be your go-to solution.
  • Add Body & Flavour: Ideal for imparting additional body, flavour, and vinosity, grape concentrate makes your wine richer and more robust.
  • Topping Up: Grape juice concentrate is an excellent choice to top up your demijohns, ensuring your wine maintains its intended quality.

Making 6 Bottles of Wine Easily

Transform grape juice concentrate into a delicious wine on its own.

With simple additions like sugar, pectolase, tannin, nutrient, and suitable yeast, the process is straightforward and rewarding.

For the best results in your homemade wines, aim for an original gravity of 1090.

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