Malt Extract

Malt Extract for Home Brewing

Malt Extract

Also known as barley malt extract is used as a sweetener and a source of fermentable sugars when brewing beer.

Malt extract is available in two forms dry or liquid and is made by extracting the sugars from malted grains, typically barley.

It can be added to a beer recipe as an ingredient or found in many beer-making kits for that distinct malty flavour.

Liquid Malt Extract 

LME is the traditional form of malt extract that is made by extracting sugars from malted grains.

It is a thick, syrupy liquid that has a distinct malty flavour and is rich in carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.

Dry malt extract

DME is the powdered form of malt extract that is made by removing the water from liquid malt extract.

It is a concentrated form of malt extract and is easy to store, handle and transport.

Commonly used by home brewers to make their own beer, or added to a beer kit as a replacement for brewing sugar.

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