What we offer

Our specialist home brew shop was established nearly 50 years ago in Plymouth.

The website shows most of the brewing and wine making items we stock & which are available either in the shop or online, feel free to enquire for items not seen on sales@hopshopuk.com

Our wide range of homebrew kits include those to brew bitters, pale ales, brown ales, ciders, lagers, porters and stouts with manufacturers such as Alcotec, American Craft, Better brew, Brewmaker, Brupaks, Bulldog Brews, Burton Bridge, Coopers, Cordon Brew, Festival, Geordie, Harris, John Bull, Wyeast, Muntons, On the Rocks, Samsons, Still Spirits, St. Peter's, Tom Caxton, Woodforde's, Mangrove Jack and Young's.

Our home brewing ingredients section contains hops, grain, malt extract and yeast.

Check out the equipment section  if you want a barrel, boiler, capper, gas burner, grain mill, mash tun, pH meter or thermometer.

Manufacturers include Brupaks, Latstock, Mangrove Jack, Stevenson Reeves, Thorne Electrim, Bulldog, Bevie and Weltonhurst.

We stock wine making kits from Atmosphere, Beaverdale, Belvino, Butlers, Carafe, Cellar 7, Solomon Grundy, Australian Blend, Kenridge, and Winexpert (Selection and Vintners Reserve).

For acids, dried flowers, fruit, nutrient, sterilizers and yeast these are all in the winemaking ingredients section and for a bucket, corker, fermenter, filter, fruit press, heater, straining bag or Rumtopf look in our winemaking equipment section.

Here our suppliers include Buon Vino, Ferrari, Harris, Vigo and Young's.

If it's a home brew starter kit you want we have a choice for both wine and beer as well ciders & liqueurs plus a range of books on making beers, wines and liqueurs at home.

With our service first goal, optimised stocks for maximum freshness and the expertise to advise check us out.

Our online payment handler is Sagepay, which authenticates the payment.

We normally authorise the transaction (take payment) when ready to ship.