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Home Brew Distilling

Whether you're a seasoned distiller or a novice looking to create your own spirits, Still Spirits has all the Home Distilling Equipment you need to get started.

Still Spirits has become a go-to brand for home distillers worldwide so elevate your home distilling game with Still Spirits' Distilling Equipment. 

Homemade Distillery

Create your very own homemade distillery with Still Spirits' range of distilling equipment.

Our selection of stills and accessories give you complete control over the distillation process, allowing you to experiment with different ingredients and techniques to make unique, flavorful spirits that perfectly match your taste.

Stills UK

Still Spirits offers a wide variety of stills that cater to the needs of home distillers in the UK.

Our range includes pot stills like the T500 Alembic Pot Still, reflux stills like the T500 Reflux Still, and compact options like the Air Still and Air Still Pro.

With Still Spirits, you can easily find a still that fits your budget and meets your individual needs.

Home Distilling Equipment UK

As a homebrew supply store in the UK, you need reliable, high-quality distilling equipment that meets UK regulations.

Still Spirits offers a range of equipment that is safe, efficient, and designed to meet the needs of UK home distillers.

From yeasts and flavorings to essential ingredients, we offer everything you need to create your own spirits at home.

In the UK, using still spirits flavourings and yeast is legal, but distilling alcoholic beverages requires a license from HMRC, even for personal use.

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