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Embark on Your Homebrew Adventure with Our Cider Making Kits

Unleash your inner cider maker with our comprehensive range of cider making kits, perfect for kickstarting your home brewing journey. Whether you're a beginner seeking a straightforward cider making kit or an experienced homebrewer eager to enhance your cider crafting skills, we've got the perfect kit to suit your needs.

We offer cider brewing kits, from renowned brands like Mangrove Jacks and On the Rocks, designed to make your cider brewing experience straightforward and enjoyable. Each cider kit includes easy-to-follow instructions, specialized yeast, and quality apple juice concentrate.

Experience an Array of Cider Flavours

Our cider making kits offer an exploration into a tantalizing array of flavours beyond the traditional apple cider. They allow you to craft a spectrum of delightful fruit and flavoured ciders, including the sweet allure of mixed berry, the elegant touch of rose, the zesty tang of raspberry, and the subtle sweetness of pear ciders. To help you navigate this exciting flavour journey, each of these vibrant fruit cider kits comes complete with an additional flavouring pack, ensuring an exceptionally tasty end result.

One of our standout kits, the Festival Oaked Apple Cider, provides a superior brewing experience. This kit includes real apple juice concentrate, dried fruits, and oak chips, delivering a well-balanced, crisp cider with a delicate oak finish. The result is approximately 40 pints of hard cider, with an ABV of around 7.2%.

Expand Your Brewing Skills with Our Cider Making Equipment

For those ready to delve deeper into cider brewing, check out our extensive collection of cider making equipment. From apple crushers and fruit presses to fermentation vessels, we have everything you need to elevate your brewing skills.

Regardless if you are making your cider from a kit or scratch you will need the same essential equipment, such as a fermenter/bucket to hold your brew, an airlock to let gases out without letting air in, siphoning hose for transferring the beverage, and bottles or a keg for storing the finished product. For those wanting to press their own apples, an apple crusher and cider press are indispensable.

At The Hop Shop, we offer an array of home brew starter kits, which offer a variety of equipment options to choose from. If you're just starting out, our cider making kit for beginners provides all the basic fermentation equipment for a rewarding first-time brewing experience.

Ready to start your home brewing journey? Browse our collection and find the cider making kit that's perfect for you.

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