On The Rocks, Peach and Mango Cider Home Brew Kit

On The Rocks - Peach and Mango Cider Kit

On The Rocks Cider Kit - Peach and Mango

Awaken your senses with the tropical flavours of the On The Rocks Peach and Mango Cider Kit.

Dive into a refreshing homemade cider that radiates with the sweet and tangy notes of ripe peaches and juicy mangoes.

This kit equips you to produce up to 40 pints of luscious homemade peach and mango cider, with an approx ABV of 5.9%.

The resulting cider is an enticing experience with its robust peach and mango finish, sure to captivate the palate.

Quality Ingredients for a Tropical Brew

Each On The Rocks Cider Kit includes detailed instructions, 1.7kg of premium peach and mango concentrate, and a unique fruit add-back pack.

This flavoured pack enriches your brew with real fruit juice, enhancing the vibrant peach and mango notes.

Easy Brewing Process

Simply mix the concentrate with 1.3kg of brewing sugar and water, add the yeast, and let the fermentation process transform it into an exotic cider.

For a more distinctive and vibrant taste, consider replacing the sugar with a cider enhancer, equivalent to 1kg of sugar. If a milder brew is preferred, use only 1 kg of brewing sugar for a lower ABV.

Start Brewing with On The Rocks Today

On The Rocks Cider Kits offer a creative and rewarding experience in homemade cider crafting, allowing you to explore and experiment with your unique taste preferences.

With this cider making kit, you'll be able to produce an alluring, high-quality peach and mango cider right within the comforts of your own home.

Start brewing with On The Rocks today, and enjoy the allure of a masterfully crafted homemade cider.

On The Rocks

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