Dry Malt Extract

Dried Malt Extract (DME)

Dried Malt Extract, often referred to as DME, is a cornerstone in the realm of homebrewing.

It offers an enriched source of fermentable sugars, playing a pivotal role in amplifying the flavour and colour of beer.

Many homebrewers gravitate towards malt extract as their preferred brewing sugar substitute, particularly when using a beer kit.

Moreover, extract brewers, especially those without the means or space for all-grain brewing, see DME as an invaluable and convenient alternative to grains.

What is Dried Malt Extract?

Dry malt extract (DME) is a potent concentration of malt sugar derived from malted barley.

Once extracted, this sugar is dried into a granular or powdery form also referred to as spray malt.

Spraymalt not only provides brewers with a robust source of fermentable sugars but also guarantees a distinct flavour profile.

The consistency of DME further offers ease in storage and application, making it an essential ingredient for many brewing enthusiasts.

Why Choose DME for Homebrewing?

  • Extended Shelf Life: Unlike liquid malt extract (LME) which can darken over time, DME, with its reduced water content, boasts a significantly longer and stable shelf life.
  • Convenient Storage: The powdery nature of spray malt makes it simpler to handle and store, eliminating the challenges that come with the sometimes sticky LME.
  • Enhanced Fermentability: DME delivers a more robust fermentable extract by weight, enabling brewers to use lesser amounts to achieve the desired gravity, highlighting its superior fermentability compared to LME.
  • Pristine Colour Profile: For brewers particular about the hue of their brew, DME provides a lighter colour compared to LME, granting more control over the beer's final colour presentation.
  • Cost-Effective: When considering the cost per gravity point, DME offers better value for money, making it a more economical choice relative to LME.
  • Richer Body and Flavour: One of the standout features of spraymalt is its ability to enhance the body and flavour of the beer.

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