Dried Spraymalt Extract - Hopped Light 500g

Hopped Light Malt Extract

This malt extract is made from barley malt and hops and is perfect as a general kit improver.

It is specifically designed to retain the beer's natural balance.

  • Colour (EBC 10% Solution): 12 max.
  • Bitterness (EBC): 30-42.
  • Protein 7.5% Max.
  • pH: 5.6

Click here for a useful background on malt extract brewing.

Foil Pack Spraymalts are made using only the finest premium malts, spray-dried into a fine soluble powder.

This process is designed to retain all of the malt flavour, without imparting any burnt or off flavours.

Spraymalts are ideal additions to any recipe, adding extra malt sugars and a delicious malt flavour.

This pack of Hopped Light Dried Malt Extract produced by the largest manufacturer of Dried Malt Extract in the UK.


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