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Cider Making Equipment at The Hop Shop


Welcome to our collection of cider making equipment at The Hop Shop! Whether you're a seasoned cider maker or just beginning, our top-quality selection from Vigo Presses ensures you have everything needed to craft delicious cider. Explore our range of robust fruit crushers, efficient presses, and state-of-the-art pasteurisers designed for all levels of homebrew enthusiasts.

Crushers and Presses for Fresh Juice

Our Vigo Presses crushers, including the Economy and Classic models, are perfect for turning ripe apples into ready-to-press pulp. For pressing, choose from our 12 Litre Hobby Fruit Press or the 12 Litre Cross Beam Fruit Press, both offering ease of use and excellent juice extraction. These high-quality tools are essential for producing large quantities of cider efficiently.

Advanced Fermentation and Bottling Solutions

Controlled fermentation is key to achieving the perfect cider. Our cider fermentation vessels provide a controlled environment ideal for this crucial process, available in various sizes and materials to match your brewing scale and style. When it’s time to bottle, rely on our easy-to-use bottling equipment including fillers and cappers, streamlined to transfer your cider smoothly from vessel to bottle.

Durable and Reliable—Tested by Time

At The Hop Shop, we stand by the durability of our equipment. Over 20 years ago, we purchased a Vigo Presses apple crusher and press, and it's still operational today, having produced hundreds of gallons of juice. If you're in the Plymouth area, you can even rent this time-tested equipment—contact us for details.

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