On The Rocks Cider Kit Instructions

  1. Read instructions thoroughly before starting.

  2. Clean all equipment with cleaner/steriliser and rinse well.

  3. Add 3L of boiling water to your bucket and pour in 1.3 kg of sugar for best results we recommend brewing sugar.

  4. Use a clean/sterilised paddle or spoon to help dissolve the sugar.

  5. Open the can and empty contents into the bucket.

  6. Rinse out the can with some warm water and add this to the bucket - ensure you stir again to dissolve the concentrate/sugar.

  7. Now top up your bucket to 23L with cold water.

  8. Sprinkle the cider yeast onto the liquid, stir to mix well, then cover and leave to ferment at 18-24c.

  9. Fermentation should take 5-7 days, and is complete when a hydrometer reading remains constant below 1.000.

  10. Once fermentation is complete, transfer the cider into a second fermentation bucket (ideally with a tap) leaving sediment behind.

  11. Add the Flavour Add-Back and stir to mix, then proceed with one of the following options:

    Barrelling: Add 70g of sugar and stir well to dissolve. Transfer to your barrel, then seal the barrel before leaving to stand.

    Bottling: Add 140g of sugar and stir well to dissolve. Siphon into bottles, then seal bottles before leaving to stand.

    (Alternatively, you can use carbonation drops instead of sugar when bottling.)

  12. Keep barrels & bottles at 21c approx, for 5 days to condition, then move to a cooler place to clear. As soon as it's clear, it is ready to drink!

*These instructions have been revised by ourselves to assist clarify certain steps.

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