Hop Pellets

Hop Pellets

We bring in our pellets in small batches to maximise freshness & thereby produce the best contribution.

Join the many Micro-breweries & brew with pellets with their greater longevity & concentration of flavours.

The pellets, olive green in colour and approximately 6mm x 10-15mm in size (diameter x length) are made from whole hops which have been dried, milled and then compressed.

You should be able to isomerize or transform the alpha acids in the hops better and gain a higher extraction rate.

In addition you will get more bitterness out of your hops.

However, as they are not processed there should be more lupilin glands in whole leaf hops, which also means that whole leaf hops generally have a higher alpha acid rating per se.

The conversion of utilisation rate between whole hops & pellets is approximately 10:9 respectively, subject also to adjustment in the AA levels.

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