Mangrove Jacks Craft Series, Blueberry cider crafting kit

Mangrove Jack's - Blueberry Cider Kit

Mangrove Jacks Blueberry Cider Making Kit

Produces a refreshing cider that has a soft lingering scent of ripe blueberries blended with a sharp apple base.

ABV Approx: 5.2% | Style: Sweet | Colour: Deep Reddish Purple

This Mangrove Jack Cider kit produces up to 40 pints of homemade cider and requires the addition of 1 kg of brewing sugar.

Making cider at home couldn't be easier and if you want to amplify your cider's experience with a crisper, better flavour.

Then we recommend swapping out the sugar for a box of Mangrove Jacks Cider Enhancer, which is equivalent to 1kg of brewing sugar.

Mangrove Jack's Craft Series Cider Pouches preserve the natural flavour of the fruit, giving you cider which is fresh and crisp.

Mangrove Jack Cider Ingredients include a blend of fruit concentrate, glucose syrups, yeast, flavourings and sweetener.

This cider brewing kit includes a sweetener sachet, which is optional to use if you prefer a drier cider. 

Mangrove Jack Cider Instructions


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