Festival Friar’s Ale Strong Bitter Beer Kit

Festival - Friar’s Ale Strong Bitter - Beer Kit of Britain!

Festival Friar’s Ale Strong Bitter: Savor the Art of Home Brewing

Embark on a journey through British beer tradition with the Festival Friar’s Ale Strong Bitter Beer Kit. This exquisite beer making kit is one of four Limited Edition offerings from Festival, inspired by Greene King’s Abbot Ale. It brings you the opportunity to enjoy a powerful, savoury bitter right in your own home.

A Cascade of Complex Flavours in a Craft Beer Kit

The Friar’s Ale Strong Bitter delivers an experience that is truly unmatched. It presents a delightful mix of earthy and citrus hop notes, elegantly overlaid with malty biscuit aromas. The result is a medium-bodied craft beer that boasts a uniquely robust flavour profile. With each sip, indulge in a delicious mid-palate malt complexity, balanced by a prominent, yet well-calibrated bitterness, beautifully complemented by a bounty of hop flavour.

Product Specifications

  • Appearance: Deep Amber with a white head
  • Approximate ABV: 4.6%
  • Bitterness: 4/5
  • Yield: 20 litres
  • Hops: Columbus (15g), Admiral (15g), Target (15g), Hallertau Brewer’s Gold (15g)
  • Extras: Dextrose priming sugar (100g)

Festival Home Brew Beer Kits: Your Pathway to Craft Brewing Excellence

Festival Home Brew Beer Kits make the brewing process an absolute breeze, regardless of whether you're a seasoned home brewer or just starting out on your craft brewing journey. Each Festival Premium Ale Beer Kit comes complete with all the necessary ingredients - no additional sugar needed, just add water. The comprehensive step-by-step instructions guarantee that you'll be savouring your very own real ale before you know it.

*For a commercial-style finish to your beer, we suggest adding Pure Brew - a professional yeast nutrient and water treatment.


5.00/5 - 1 review

Jan 27, 2024
5 out of 5 Stars

I bought this kit as a “one I've never done before” to use as footage for my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC155GKc3-8ISyxWSPX-PfWg. It's an “all malt” kit which is reflected in the price, but it does include everything in the kit that you need, a dry hop stage and the required amount of priming sugar. See my taste test video for more details https://youtu.be/zgQoMLlaYNo .

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