1 litre Auxiliary Finings

Auxiliary Finings - 1L

Finings Adjunct

1 litre Finings Adjunct is a ready-for-use auxiliary fining used to break protein and some yeast out of freshly fermented beer.

This auxiliary fining should be used in conjunction with isinglass finings to enhance the total negative charge.

It is used at the rate of 40 to 60ml per 25 litres and needs to be dispersed thoroughly in the beer at the end of fermentation.

Benefits of using Auxiliary Finings

  • Removes the protein that causes haze in beer
  • Improves filterability for bright beers
  • Reduces conditioning time
  • Leads to polished beers
  • Speeds up beer processing
  • Easily mixed into beer in a fermentation vessel or cask
  • Suitable for vegan-only beers

Ensure that the auxiliary finings is well mixed into the beer before adding isinglass otherwise, they will not clarify the beer properly.


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