Magnum Hops 100g

Magnum Hops - 100g

Magnum Hops: Powerhouse Bittering Hop with a Noble Pedigree

Meet the power and finesse of Magnum Hops. Derived from the esteemed German variety Hallertau, Magnum brings a robust bittering profile while maintaining an exceptionally clean and crisp flavour. This German-bred hop has made a name for itself in the brewing industry due to its remarkably high alpha acid content and impressive versatility.

Magnum Hops Flavor

Magnum hops are characterized by their crisp, clean bitterness, minimal aroma, and subtle flavours. The understated, almost neutral, flavour profile allows Magnum hops to deliver clean bittering without overshadowing other hop or malt flavours in the recipe. When used late in the boil, subtle hints of spice and citrus may be revealed.

Magnum Hops Profile

  • Origin: Germany
  • Alpha Acid: 12-16%
  • Beta Acid: 5-7%
  • Characteristics: Clean Bittering, Subtle Spice and Citrus Notes
  • Substitute: Horizon, Northern Brewer

Magnum Hops Substitute

If you're unable to find Magnum hops for your brewing recipe, you can consider substitutes like Horizon or Northern Brewer hops. Both offer a clean and robust bittering profile that mimics Magnum's abilities quite well.

Pairing Magnum Hops

Magnum hops' neutral flavour profile makes it a versatile ingredient that pairs well with a wide array of hop varieties. Combine it with aroma-heavy hops to highlight those unique flavors while Magnum provides a firm yet unobtrusive bitterness.

Beer Styles Using Magnum Hops

Magnum hops' high alpha acids and clean bitterness make it a popular choice in any beer style that requires substantial bittering. It's frequently found in Pilsners, Lagers, and India Pale Ales. The versatility of Magnum hops even extends to darker, malt-forward styles like Stouts, where its clean bitterness can balance the sweet, rich malt flavours.

Whether you're crafting a hop-forward IPA or a rich Stout, Magnum hops can deliver exceptional results with their high alpha acids and clean, clear bitterness. Ready to give it a try?


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