Admiral Hops 100g

Admiral Hops 100g

Admiral Hops: A Superior Bittering Choice

Step into the world of Admiral Hops, a delightful hop variety that is renowned for its superior bittering qualities. With its English origins, Admiral is often a primary pick for brewers aiming for robust bitterness in their brews without overpowering the delicate balance of flavours.

Admiral Hops Flavour

Admiral Hops packs a punch when it comes to its flavour and aroma profile. Known for its moderate to high alpha acid content, it adds a clean, crisp bitterness to the brew. Its aroma profile is intriguingly citrusy, with hints of orange and herbal underpinnings, that round out the beer's overall flavour.

Admiral Hops Profile

  • Origin: UK
  • Alpha Acid: 13-16%
  • Beta Acid: 4.8-6%
  • Characteristics: Orange, Citrus, Herbal
  • Substitute: Target, Northdown

Admiral Hops Substitute

If Admiral Hops are unavailable, Target and Northdown Hops can be effective alternatives. Target Hops offers a pleasant piney and citrusy character, while Northdown delivers a mild, pleasant aroma with notes of berries and spice. Both substitutes add a unique edge to the brew, creating a pleasurable variation in taste.

Pairing Admiral Hops

Admiral Hops pairs well with a variety of other hops, enhancing the complexity of your brew. It blends well with traditional British varieties such as Fuggle or Challenger hops, reinforcing the herbal and spicy tones typical of English-style ales. It also pairs interestingly with American hop varieties such as Cascade, introducing bright citrus notes.

Beer Styles Using Admiral Hops

Admiral Hops are perfect for robust British beer styles due to their pronounced bittering qualities. They are commonly used in English Bitters, Pale Ales, and Porter. The vibrant bitterness and subtle citrusy aroma of Admiral also complement Belgian-style beers.


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