Target Hops 100g

Target Hops 100g

Target Hops: Infusing Your Brew with a Robust Blend of Bitterness and Aroma

Plunge into the rich experience of Target Hops, recognised for their potent alpha acid content and the robust blend of bitterness and aroma they infuse into your brew. Originated at Wye College in the UK and released to the brewers in the 1970s, Target Hops have swiftly carved their niche in a plethora of beer styles.

Flavour Profile

Target hops bring forth a potent flavour profile, delivering a pronounced bitterness coupled with a medley of captivating aromas. Their multifaceted nature allows them to add complexity and depth to your brew, whether used early for bittering or later for their aroma contribution. They are widely employed in English-style ales, porters, and stouts, and also find use in lagers. The unique attributes of Target hops include an intricate blend of sage, citrus, and a hint of spice.

  • Origin: UK
  • Alpha Acid: 9.5-12.5%
  • Beta Acid: 4.3-5.7%
  • Characteristics: Sage, Citrus, Spice
  • Substitute: Fuggle, Willamette

Hop Substitution

When looking for a substitute for Target hops, Fuggle and Willamette can serve as suitable options. Fuggle offers a less bitter, earthy, and woodsy profile while Willamette brings a mild bitterness with fruity and herbal nuances. However, remember that each substitute carries its unique characteristics and will not precisely mirror the robust complexity of Target hops.

Hop Pairing

Target hops work well with a broad range of other hops, contributing to a nuanced brew. When paired with traditional British hops like East Kent Goldings, Target hops can enhance the herbal and floral undertones characteristic of English-style ales.

If you're interested in a contemporary twist, blending Target hops with American varieties like Cascade can introduce lively citrus notes, adding a refreshing touch to your brew. Combining Target hops with Noble hops like Saaz or Tettnang results in a well-rounded brew with a balanced herbal and spicy profile.

Beer Styles

Due to their high alpha acid content and unique aroma, Target hops are particularly suitable for an array of British beer styles, such as English Ales, Porters, and Stouts. They also shine in Lagers and IPAs, adding a distinctive character that sets your brew apart.

As with any brewing endeavour, remember that brewing is an art and each brewer has their individual style. Therefore, don't be surprised to find Target hops used in diverse beer styles. The essence lies in experimentation and finding the combination that delights your palate. Begin your brewing journey with Target hops!

We take pride in offering high-quality, fresh Target hops for sale, ideal for the discerning home brewer or commercial breweries. Uncover the unique profile of Target hops in your next brewing expedition.


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