Citra Hops 100g

Citra Hops 100g

Citra Hops: A Hop Variety Bursting with Citrus and Tropical Flavour

Step into the world of Citra hops, a flavourful hop variety celebrated for its strong citrus and tropical fruit characteristics. Developed and released by the Hop Breeding Company in 2007, Citra hop has quickly become a favourite among craft brewers for its robust flavour and aroma.

Citra Hops Flavour

Experience the refreshing wave of flavours Citra hops introduce into your brew. With strong notes of grapefruit, melon, lime, gooseberry, passion fruit, and lychee, the Citra hop variety can transform your beer into a tropical paradise. Its compelling flavour profile makes it ideal for creating dynamic and complex beers.

Citra Hops Profile

  • Origin: USA
  • Alpha Acid: 11-15%
  • Beta Acid: 3-4.5%
  • Characteristics: Grapefruit, Melon, Lime, Gooseberry, Passion fruit, Lychee
  • Substitute: Mosaic, Galaxy
  • Crop: 2022
  • BBE: 08/27

Citra Hops Substitute

When Citra hops are unavailable, Mosaic or Galaxy hops can serve as excellent substitutes. Mosaic hops share a similar tropical, citrusy profile with some added earthy and piney characteristics, while Galaxy hops offer intense passion fruit, peach, and citrus flavours.

Pairing Citra Hops

Citra hops pair well with a variety of other hop varieties, enhancing the overall complexity of your beer. Pairing them with Simcoe or Mosaic hops can amplify their fruity and citrusy characteristics, creating an even more refreshing brew. For an intriguing twist, consider pairing Citra with classic hops like Cascade for an infusion of grapefruit and floral notes.

Beer Styles Using Citra Hops

Citra is a versatile hop and is used in a wide range of beer styles. Its citrusy and tropical flavours shine in hop-forward styles like IPAs and Pale Ales, but it's also a fantastic choice for lighter styles like Blondes and Wheat where its refreshing characteristics can really stand out.


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