Challenger Hops

Challenger Hops 100g

Challenger Hops: A Balance of Bitterness and Aroma

Explore the unique brewing capabilities of Challenger Hops. Renowned for its flawless balance of bitterness and aroma, this hop variety brings a distinctive touch to your brewing recipe. Bred at Wye College and unveiled to the brewing community in 1972, Challenger Hops has since become an indispensable ingredient for brewers around the globe.

Challenger Hops Flavour

Challenger Hops offers a full-bodied flavour profile to your brew, creating a mellow bitterness harmonized with a fruity and spicy aroma. Its dual-purpose nature lends versatility to your brew - adding depth during boiling or providing subtle undertones when dry hopping. Their frequent use in various beers, including English-style ales, stouts, and porters, demonstrates their value in brewing. The fresh, green tea-like aroma with hints of cedar and green sage is a characteristic feature of these English hops.

Challenger Hops Profile

  • Origin: UK
  • Alpha Acid: 6.5-8.5%
  • Beta Acid: 4-4.5%
  • Characteristics: Spicy, Cedar, Green Tea
  • Substitute: Northern Brewer, Perle

Challenger Hops Substitute

When considering substitutes for Challenger Hops, Northern Brewer or Perle hops can be excellent alternatives. Both offer a balance of bitterness and aroma comparable to Challenger Hops. Northern Brewer delivers an earthy, evergreen aroma, while Perle offers a slightly spicy and floral note. These substitutes, though similar, will introduce their unique characteristics to your brew.

Pairing Challenger Hops

Pairing Challenger Hops with a variety of other hops can create an intriguing complexity and depth in your brew. Enhance the herbal and earthy undertones of English-style ales by pairing Challenger Hops with traditional British hops such as Goldings and Fuggle.

For a modern twist, pairing Challenger Hops with American hop varieties like Cascade introduces vibrant citrus notes, adding a layer of freshness to your brew. Combining Challenger Hops with Noble hops like Saaz or Tettnang can result in a well-balanced brew with herbal and spicy profiles.

Beer Styles Using Challenger Hops

Challenger Hops are exceptionally well-suited for a range of British beer styles, including English Ales, Porters, and Stouts. Their gentle bitterness and fruity-spicy aroma also make them an excellent addition to Belgian-style beers and Barleywines.

Brewing is an art, and each brewer brings their unique touch. As such, Challenger Hops may be found in a variety of beer styles. The key is to explore and discover what combination tickles your taste buds. Savour the journey of brewing!


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