Northdown Hops

Northdown Hops 100g

Northdown Hop Profile

This dual-purpose hop has a pleasant spice, cedar and pine characteristics with hints of floral and berry flavours.

When used as a bittering hop expect a rounded, full-bodied, and clean finish but avoid overuse as it becomes harsh.

A classic English hop variety which pairs great with other English aroma hops.

  • Origin: UK
  • Alpha Acid: 7-10%
  • Beta Acid: 4-5%
  • Characteristics: Floral, Pine, Cedar, Berry, Spicy 
  • Substitutes: Challenger or Northern Brewer.

What beer styles will Northdown work in?

Some popular beer styles include English IPA, Stouts, Porters, Mild, Old Ale, Bitter & ESB

What hops pair well with Northdown?

Northdown hops are most commonly paired with Progress, Fuggles & Goldings.


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