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The Grainfather - Mk2 /v2 with New Connect Control Box

The Grainfather - Mk2 /v2 with New Connect Control Box

The Grainfather now comes with the new control box only as standard.

Short of time or space? Then consider this little gem.

This is a fully integrated HLT/Masher/Boiler/Cool designed by brewers for brewers.

It has the additional ability to do stepped mashes for Continental type beers.

Made from enduring 304 Stainless Steel it has a very user friendly manual & builds on the manufacturers experience in distilling equipment.

As with all new equipment it takes a little while to map out, but once familiarity sets in you should be churning out those brews at top knots.

The Grainfather is electrically powered and designed to be used in doors & as there is less equipment to use, cleaning and storing is a simplified.

No need for burners, or hot plates.

Just plug & play.

30 L (8 US Gal) capacity.

Packs everything back into itself for easy storage after use.

The built in element provides even heating across the base.

Enter the exact temperature for your mash.

Recommendation: Put the hops in a bag & have an additional heat source for the sparge water.

When re-circulating the wort or sparging it is highly recommended that the wort or liquor feed is placed over the plate and not directly into the central pipe.

12 months manufacturers warranty.

NB - ocassionally there can be minor denting (not affecting the performance) on the boiler carcass resulting from the position of the internal grain basket lugs.

Value for money.

Origin NZ, utilising the distilling carcase.

There is a tempered glass lid for greater heating efficiencies before, and during the mashing stage.

Recommend whirlpooling the wort with a stir after the boil & letting the wort rest for 10 mins prior to pump out - to maximise the pump filter efficiency.

Both UK and EU versions are available, European customers living outside the UK will need to select the EU version.

Grainfather have just released a free application to help organise your recipes and set up your brewing process.

For Android users you can download it via Google Play here
NB: works best with iphone.

For iOS users you can download it via the Apple Store here

For more information check out the video of the Grainfather here

Download the PDF Manual for the Grainfather All Grain Brewing System here

For troubleshooting videos check out these sets of helpful videos here!

For an FAQ on the new control box feel free to click this link or feel free to give us an email or call for our thoughts and guidance.

For a demonstration video on the Grainfather Connect system check out this link.

A two part user review is also available here. Part 1 Part 2

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