Wai-iti Hop Pellets 100g

Wai-iti Hop Pellets: New Zealand's Citrusy Star

Discover the unique properties of Wai-iti Hop Pellets, a variety native to New Zealand. Famous for their low alpha acids and high oil content, Wai-iti Hop Pellets deliver a distinct citrusy character, bringing a unique freshness to any brew they grace.

Wai-iti Hop Pellets Flavour

Wai-iti Hop Pellets shine with their bright, fresh, and juicy citrus flavour. Predominantly featuring lime, but also notes of stone fruit and fresh apple, they're the perfect option for adding a refreshing, crisp edge to your brew.

Wai-iti Hop Pellets Profile

  • Origin: New Zealand
  • Alpha Acid: 2.5-3.5%
  • Beta Acid: 5-6%
  • Characteristics: Lime, Stone Fruit, Fresh Apple
  • Substitute: Hallertau, Tettnang

Wai-iti Hop Pellets Substitute

If you can't access Wai-iti Hop Pellets, Hallertau or Tettnang hops can serve as adequate substitutes. These hops offer similar citrus and floral profiles that can closely match the unique character of Wai-iti.

Pairing Wai-iti Hop Pellets

Wai-iti Hop Pellets play well with a variety of other hops. They're a perfect companion to hops like Citra and Mosaic, as these varieties can enhance Wai-iti's citrus and fruity character.

Beer Styles Using Wai-iti Hop Pellets

Thanks to their refreshing character, Wai-iti Hop Pellets are a versatile choice for brewing. They're great in Pale Ales, IPAs, and Wheat Beers, or any style that could benefit from a bright citrus twist.


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