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Chit Malt - Crisp Maltings

Chit Malt - Specialty Brewing Malt for Enhanced Beer Quality

Chit Malt is a specialty malt used in brewing, produced by allowing barley to partially germinate before being kilned or roasted.

This unique process contributes to its higher protein and starch content compared to fully malted barley.

The high beta-glucan content and nutrient profile make it an ideal addition to a variety of beer styles, enhancing both flavour and texture.

Chit Malt enhances beer body, mouthfeel, foam formation, and stability, providing a distinct grassy or raw grain flavor.


  • Colour EBC: 2.4 - 6.0
  • Tasting Notes: Earthy, Grassy & Raw Grain
  • Usage: 5-15% of the grain bill for best results.
  • Beer Styles: All Beer Styles
  • Substitutes: Dextrin, Torrified Wheat or Carafoam Malt

Beer Styles

  • German Lagers: Extensively used in German lager styles. Chit Malt enhances body, foam stability, and head retention, making it ideal for lagers that prioritize a rich mouthfeel and persistent head.
  • Belgian Beers: Commonly used in various Belgian beer styles. Its subtle grainy flavour notes complement the complex malt profiles found in many Belgian ales and lagers.
  • Hazy/New England IPAs: A popular addition to hazy, New England-style IPAs. The high beta-glucan content contributes to the desirable hazy appearance and fuller mouthfeel, while its low colour prevents darkening the typically light hue of hazy IPAs.
  • American Pale Ales: Can improve head retention in American Pale Ales even at a 10% usage rate, allowing the hops to shine while enhancing mouthfeel.

Malts available in bags of 500g, 3kg subject to current stock levels.


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