Oak-a-Vin 30ml - Oak Extract

Natural oak extract in liquid form & of very high quality originating from the French limousin.

Gives the same effect in a few days as storing in oak barrels for several years!

Dosage for white wines: 2ml/Litre, for reds 4ml/Litre, & for sherry up to 12ml/Litre.

Whilst Oak barrels are the best they are expensive.

Therefore chips, powder or liquid oak flavouring can be added get the flavour you desire.

Kits can to be a little low in oak flavour, so you can add more oak to simulate the flavour and aroma that wineries obtain from aging wine in oak barrels.

After the initial addition sample the wine at intervals, to judge the flavour & add to achieve the desired contribution.

Oak flavour does diminish with time, so it’s acceptable to slightly over-oak.


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