Pectolase 400g

Pectolase in Winemaking

Pectolase (Pectic Enzyme) is a long-established home brew winemaking ingredient with the following benefits:

  • Extracts more juice and flavour from the fruit you are using.
  • Inhibits pectin from forming a haze in the finished wine.
  • Aids with the filtering of the wine when fermentation is complete.

Pectolase powder is mostly used in recipes where fruit or vegetables contain high amounts of pectin.

Wines with high levels of pectin can cause a pectin haze, which could prevent the wine from clearing.

We recommend adding the pectin enzyme to any country wine to extract more juice and flavour from the fruit.

When to add pectic enzyme?

Add to the wine 8-24 hours before fermentation, doing so will produce a wine with improved colour and clarity.

More importantly, you will extract more juice and flavour from the fruit you are using - even commercial wine producers use it.


The typical dosage is 1tsp per gallon (4.5L) added directly to the wine “must” and stirred thoroughly before fermentation.

There is no harm in adding pectolase later but you will have less juice extracted from the fruit.

Adding the enzyme later will not inhibit yeast growth or activity.


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