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Wort Aerator - Homebrew Aeration System

Wort Aerator Air Pump Kit

Now with a stainless steel wort air stone.

A complete aerating set consisting of an aeration pump 2 l/h 2.5 W, 220-240v electrically driven air pump;

stainless steel aeration stone;

filter 0.2 microns and 1 m tubing.

Prior to use, it is best to sterilise the aeration stone in boiling water.

Caution: never touch the aeration stone with bare hands;

skin oils can clog the fine pores.

Wear gloves or use a clean cloth when handling the stone.

The air output from the pump is 60 litres per hour.

Aerating a cooled wort, (20 -25°C) for about 30 minutes just prior to or just after pitching the yeast will help the yeast get off to a good start, but never aerate either a hot wort or one that is already fermenting.

NB this item will benefit from taking the 1/4" tubing below to ensure that there is a sound fitting of the stone with the tubing supplied, please see below.

The supplied pump varies with the supply.




Pressure 0.024MPa


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