Juniper Berries

Juniper Berries 100g

Brewing with Juniper Berries

Juniper berries are commonly associated with gin making and are usually the main aromatic in gin.

Homebrewers however have been using it in beer making for centuries.

Having a light beer (lager, wheat, pale ale or IPA) base for your Juniper berry beer seems to me the way most brewers go.

It makes for an interesting addition to speciality beers such as Christmas Ale and Belgian Kruidenbier.

Juniper Berries in Beer Making

You can add the berries either during the boil at flameout/whirlpool (hot side) or at the "dry hopping" stage (cold side).

Hot Side Addition

  • We advise using only 85-95% of the usual amount of hops and replacing the rest with juniper berries due to bitterness.
  • Using a muslin bag add the juniper berries after flameout and let the beer sit for 10 minutes before chilling.

Cold Site Addition

  • You can add the berries when you dry hop this will slightly increase the final gravity due to the sugars.
  • Similar to dry-hopping make sure you dump the berries and sediment after 4-5 days to avoid off-flavours developing.

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