Polyclar Plus 730 (50g)

Polyclar Plus 730 is a single-use balanced beer stabilizer that helps in preserving the quality and character of beer after packaging.

Labelling is not required when using this product and has no negative impact on foam, flavour or other quality parameters.

  • Polyclar Plus 730 is made up as an 8% – 12 % slurry in de-aerated water.
  • The minimum recommended hydration time is 60 minutes .
  • It is important to chill beer to around -1’C and hold for at least 24 hours (pref longer).
  • It is also important to minimise oxygen in the product.
  • Tanks and lines may be purged with CO2 or N2 - Ensure calm filling of vessels.
  • The slurried Polyclar 730 may be added during transfer from fermentation to maturation or directly to the maturation vessel.

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Ingredients: Polyvinylpolypyrrolidone (PVPP) & Silica Xerogel.


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