Antiformin S

Antiformin 'S' - 1L

Cleaner & Steriliser

Antiformin S is a food-safe concentrated liquid detergent/disinfectant solution.

Probably the most universally used and effective branded product of its type in the brewing industry.

This specially formulated concentrate is for cleaning and sterilising stainless steel, copper and plastic installations within the brewery.

It is equally suited to spray cleaning, re-circulation or manual application, please see Technical Data Sheet.

Guidelines for use

  • Check that the product is within its shelf life before use
  • Contact time is 15-20 minutes
  • Do not mix with acids
  • Do not use on aluminium, zinc, brass or galvanised surface
  • Do not use a concentration >2.5% on stainless steel surfaces
  • Do not exceed temperatures of 50°C as the rate of chlorine loss will accelerate markedly.
  • Read the Safety Data Sheet prior to use.

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